Aug 26, 2009

you and no other for FOREVER!

this is my one and only lover and my best friend i have ever had! YOU AND NO OTHER FOREVER BURL! that is straight from braveheart, our favorite movie and our favorite quote, when william wallas (whom bj swears he is named after) marries the love of his life in the forest and then she dies, very sad i cry every time but the best movie ever... so close to home.

addi and daddy!

addi and i watch these videos over and over with bright eyes and huge smiles! we love you so much daddy(burl) and miss you more and more every second of every day! it gets harder and harder but we have you as our "gardner (guardian) angel", to give us comfort and peace, thank you for that! and to everyone else that has brought us so much love and support thank you, thank you, thank you so much! i wouldn't make it without you, it means the world to addi and i!

Aug 10, 2009

my precious sweet burl

i gave you my heart a long time ago and you took it with you, please take good care of it like you always have!! i can't wait to see you agian, lots of patience!

letter to addi from daddy

i wrote this as if my lover was still here to write it for his angel (addi)!! debbie read it for me at his funeral, she did such a good job!

To my "son" (addison)
my angel i love you so much and always will,
please know i didn't mean to leave when i got ill.
but it's only my body, my spirit is still here,
you can't see me but I see you clear.
God sent down an angel to me and gurl
knowing how much you'd change our world.
I met you on valentine's and fell in love
in my arms forever you fit like a glove.
I looked down and saw you had my nose,
my smile, knock knees, and tiny toes.
It was my addi, "son", form there on out
i wanted addi gurl gardner so i could shout
"ada gurl go, don't get out!"
I hoped it to be at a baseball game
but if it's dance my love stays the same
well i guess you do have my dancing skills
you came up with "elbows", that gave me thrills
when you are older and wiser and ready for more
the arm pit dance you will know for sure
but if that isn't doin it for you i know someone who can help
it's momy she seems to dance pretty well.
just don't let her teach you to sing
between me and you it's not the best ring
there are a couple other things don't let mommy do
like cut you hair, she promised me never to
and don't let mommy be so sad for to long awhile
you have my personality to make anyone smile!
a few more things you need to know
i taught you to crawl, walk, and blow
i got you your first 3 wheeler
stayed up all night stuffing your stocking with filler
it was so full of gifts it was twice your size
that's just how i do things, over the top, surprised?
the lastest thing i was working with you to do
was spit seeds and in sign language say "I love you"
you got hang loose down to a tee
now put up all three and hold it out to me
we watched "cars" a hundred times at least
got in and out of the hot tub just to please,
jumping on the tramp for hours never bothered me
I loved reading with you that bear bokk you gave me.
Angel I love you this world it tough
but you're strong and beautiful and all that good stuff
be a good daughter, granddaughter and friend to Thee
and you'll be a leader just like me.
be respectful, don't lie cheat or steal
never gossip... it's just not chill
be of service as much as you can
cause that's what God wants, I've met the man
you will always be in my heart and I in yours
one day you'll see me again when you knock on heavens doors
but until then mommy is yours
i know you'll make me proud no matter what you do
just know i love you and mommy too
here is one more poem mom wrote in the past
so you know how our love still lasts....

Hey my love here's a poem from the heart,
i'm going to take us back to the start
this sweet love all begun in 2001
and even then i knew you were the one!
a goody-goody cheerleader and a bad-boy picture
after one date you took me to Sunday dinner
we snuck out that night, down the canyon we flew
oh ya! our first kiss, not one but two
two totally different people with all the same interests
fell crazy in love and that's not the best
we're still crazy in love and it's been 8 years
we've been threw so much, a lot of laughter and tears
we have this perfect, irreplaceable love,
I'm so lucky to have you, i thank God above!
we have so many memories, big and small
people might get jealous if i wrote down them all
like the tropical forest or the time in Cali,
or laughin all night at the bowling alley
we've gone to moab, tahoe, and havisu pi
the grand canyon, st. george with cousin Bry
now we're apart, it's been the longest trip ever
I miss you so much, but I'll love you forever
we've seen and done a lot of crazy things
but you live and you learn, we're only human beings
I do know one thing i've learned a lot from you
you're my better half, you're what gets me through
baby i need you, my heart needs to be mend
the only one that can do it is you, my BEST FRIEND!
this poem is just the beginning of you and I
I never want it to end, I hate good-bye
but our love just keeps on keeping on
and soon we'll be together forever long!
I love you burl
love gurl
thank you everyone so much for all the love and support!! it means the world to me and addi. i know bj didn't want to go so soon, we had so many plans ahead but heavenly father knows us all better than we ever will. and all i have is faith now to know all is well! thanks again to everyone for making the funeral perfect and for being a part of bj's life!

Jun 8, 2009

soooo fuuuun at the zooooo!!!

we went on a carosel ride and a train ride at the zoo. addi and i are behind bj, but he's enjoying himself and the camera shot so you can't see us. i moved addi to bj's animal half way through the ride she wouldn't let go to move spots she was so scared, and then wouldn't let go once it stopped because she just wanted to keep going and going!

all of us waiting for the train ride, which wasn't all that great. it was just awesome to be out in the sun with the fam!

burl's not a fan!

out of all these animals (snake,giraffe,gorilla,cheeta,monkeys) take a wild guess at which one burl wouldn't even go near, would avoid seeing at all cost! ..... the snake. he hates them with a passion it's beyond hate it's terrifying! my mom was laughing so hard at him when he complained how they just let the snake lady walk where ever she pleases and besides that she would some how apear through out the whole day right when we'd walk out of one place there was the sanke lady!! he would found another way out.

hogle zoo

we went to hogle zoo with some of my side of the fam. it was so fun seeing addi's face when she saw all the animals. when we went into the monkey room she couldn't stop laughing at them singing from the vines! it was the cutest little girly laugh and everyone was looking

Jun 4, 2009

happy belated one year anniversary!

daddy feeding addi, addi feedin daddy, gurl feedin burl, burl feedin gurl all eatin our one year and a month old wedding cake! it was delish! amber's freezer went out and we finally found our cake:)

Feb 21, 2009

we went out on the town dinner and dancing!
so much fun~i miss dancing bad

we miss our sister~amber where are you!
she is amazing... 2 months before she turned 2!

all day she goes "mommy, hurry, run, potty, hurry!"
as she comes runny around the corner and her little butt wiggles in her new elmo undies!
we love it!

ann cut her hair off so we looked like twins again :) so i went dark

not the best pictures but...
dark or light~that's the ?

ann and kel growing old together!

Feb 15, 2009

i finally updated!!!!

addi turned 2 on the 11th and burl turned 25 on the 7th of feburary!!!! we got family pictures done for their birthdays.

more family pics!

May 22, 2008

i have no idea where she gets it from?! like father like daughter!
this is at our reception. my uncle had everyone pose in front of this sweet chalk board he decorated and do something crazy! this was at the end of the night so basically bj had had enough, ha ha!

Apr 27, 2008


we are living with my best friend kristi and tyler, we just moved last night and we love it!!! it is the cutest house and we have a sweet apartment! 3 rooms, kitchen, laundry room, and storage room, and bathroom! perfect for our little GARDNER FAMILY.

Mar 3, 2008


we will be officially a family on APRIL 14th 2008 in moab under the double arches!! then if ya'll want to celebrate this GREAT event we'll see you on the 19th of april in the local church hall with lots of goods to eat! this picture we look in the summer, addi is only 5 months old. she looks like yoda i look like a chubby elf and check out beej's sleeve but we make it work!! :)

Feb 17, 2008


she is a true angel sent from above for sure! it's been a whole year and we can't even imagine life without her! my aunt angie took some 1 year old birthday pictures for us! i am in love with them!
so i took her into her 1 yr check up and she weighs 19.9 lbs now and the doc said she's pigeoned toed and a little bull legged, she walks all around and looks like she just got off her horse. so we have to go to a foot and angle specialist. you can see it a little in her tutu pic. but at least she is completely healthy and so happy!


her cousin's, zach and conner, like her toys better than she does
good job BURL you are the best dad!!

so my mom and amber tried to help make this cake like i had pictured in my head! good luck right? i always have these amazing ideas that don't turn out anything like i planned, but from a distance it's decent

grandma lynn was the only one that would even get close to addigator!!